Aussie Gold

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Abgeschickt von David Mellard am 01 Februar, 2007 um 16:51:28

Thanks Stephen, Uta and others who have contacted privately for your advice. I will add 10% woodland soil to the Aussie Gold. And now I don't have to sterilize it. While I live in a metropolitan area, my backyard and the immediate surroundings are a remnant patch of old growth hardwoods so the top soil is that wonderfully fine, fluffy soil that builds up over decades of leaf fall.

I also plan to use a more traditional Cyp mix, although I'm still trying to decide what that will be based on readings from the Cyp forum. It will be close to 90% inorganic and 10% woodland soil, although I'm concerned that in my situation (a basement under the new high-intensity fluorescent lights) that the mix will not retain enough moisture between waterings. I thought of adding coconut husk chips as part of the mix because they hold a lot of water. I use them with my tropical orchids with great results and wash them before use to make sure all the salts are removed. This is confirmed by testing with an EC meter. Any thought on using CHC?

The mix might look something like 70 - 80 % inorganic (lols of perlite with some Turface, diatomite and aliflor); 10 - 20 % CHC, and 10% woodland soil. What do you think?

The AOS Orchids magazine has an article on Cyp culture where the suggested mix is 90% perlite and 10% woodland soil. While this obviously works for the author, I'm concerned that for my conditions it dry out too fast and I will miss watering at a critical time.

Thanks again for your advice. I will keep you posted with the results. David


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