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Abgeschickt von Stephen Vella am 31 Januar, 2007 um 06:24:12

Antwort auf: Aussie Gold von David Mellard am 26 Januar, 2007 um 16:12:57:

Gday David, 

you said

: I'd like to know if anyone has experience with using Aussie Gold for Cyps. For those not familiar with the product, it a completely inorganic mix derived from diatomite and some other secret ingredients.

It's actually made of diatomite,coir fibre, charcoal, perlite and some secrete ingredients. I don't have experience with this mix but i do use something similar with coir fibre,perlite and sand and i found it excellent on Cyp seedings. i made a special mix for C reginae where I increase the coir fibre content and included bark chips and clinker and its showing great results. The coir fibre being more stable than peat and not breaking down too fast like peat moss yet retaining moisture and free draining, the clinker keeps the pH neutral.

Actually I would like to know if anyone has used diatomites in their mix?


Stephen Vella


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