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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 30 Januar, 2007 um 11:35:10

Antwort auf: Re: Aussie Gold von James Heilig am 26 Januar, 2007 um 17:42:09:

Hi David;

I have no experience with that stuff, but it soulds like it is worth trying out. If Jim is right and it has a organic compound I would advise to not add extra woodland soil, but maybe instead cover the top of the substrate with a thin layer of needles or leavemould.

One other thing: in my experience sterilizing woodland soil is not only not necessary, but maybe not good for the plants. It is not the sterilization that is bad for the plants, but organic woodland soil often has several beneficial microbes already living in it. The microbes will prevent other microbes from colonizing the soil. If you sterilze it, you will kill them all. But of course new microbes will again colonize the organic matter. If that happens it will just be the first microbes coming along that will colonize the soil, and chances are as good that those will be bad ones as good ones. I do not sterilize my soils anymore and that works better than before. But that may of course depend on where you get your soil... With Cyps it seems to almost always be better to use less organics in the mix than more. I mostly use completley inorganic mixes and just add that layer of needles or leavemould to the top of the substrate. About 1-3cm thick.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes



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