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Abgeschickt von David Mellard am 26 Januar, 2007 um 16:12:57

I've been growing North American Cyps for many years in Atlanta in my outdoor garden but am limited because of Atlanta's very hot weather during the summer. I've decided to try various species indoor under high intensity fluorescent lights that yield about 2000 fc depending upon how close the plants are to the lights. Temperature ranges from 75 F (24° C) during the day with a fan to 85 F (30° C) without a fan. Temp drops to 68 F (20° C) at night when the lights go off. I haven't checked the soil temps yet on other plants growing under light but will do so soon.

My question actually pertains to mix. I've read many of the historical posts and realize that the mix that people use for their Cyps is probably unique to their conditions (much like growing tropical orchids). The general sense that I get is that some Cyps want a very inorganic mix with about 10% organics, usually met by adding 10% woodland soil, while other Cyps want or will tolerate slightly higher organic content (e.g., 20 or 30%), with Cyp acaule having its own special requirements.

I'd like to know if anyone has experience with using Aussie Gold ( for Cyps. For those not familiar with the product, it a completely inorganic mix derived from diatomite and some other secret ingredients. A search on the internet will provide the company's homepage with more information. Aussie Gold is being used now with epiphytic orchids and a fine version of Aussie Gold has been developed for fine rooted orchids (e.g., Masdavellia, Oncidiums). The one advantage of Aussie Gold touted by the company is that plants cannot be overwater as the mix never degrades and has perfect drainage.

I thought of using Aussie Gold either straight or with 10% sterilized woodland soil for those Cyps that prefer low organic content. Any thoughts on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your help.


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