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Abgeschickt von Ron Burch am 25 Januar, 2007 um 02:19:36

Antwort auf: Re: Trigonopedia von Anthony Darby am 24 Januar, 2007 um 12:26:47:

Turface is an artificial expanded fired clay in the form of small gravel. Turface is a European brand name which has recently also become available in Canada. As that brand it is less common in the US but here the same material is available as a variety of brands.

With my system, the water level reaches to about 1/2 cm below the crown of the plant. The water level remains at that level for about 5 minutes. This allows for a thorough soaking of the media without any water coming in contact with the leaves or in direct contact with the crown. It is overkill but I use the hydroponics systems for other things and had it available. The Cyps like it a great deal.

I use a system similar to yours for my Phragmipediums. I suspect that it would work very well for your Cypripediums. Tom Velardi uses a system similar to that in his warm Japanese climate to maintain moisture as well as evaporative cooling.


Ron Burch


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