Re: Cypripedium acaule for offer on eBay

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Abgeschickt von Ross Kouzes am 10 November, 2006 um 22:28:34

Antwort auf: Cypripedium acaule for offer on ebay von Jeff Hutchings am 08 November, 2006 um 20:09:11:

Hi Jeff,

Most often the eBay sellers offering C. acaule (and all other Cyps) are just digging them from their own acreage. They are often grossly misrepresented on eBay (eg: "...Cyp acaule is the largest flowered of all the Cyps and is easy to grow!..."). I have NEVER seen a lab propagated seedling available on USA's eBay.

However, they ship many plants and perhaps these sellers have the digging and packaging down by now so that the plants will survive (though illegally shipped to the UK...).

I would not purchase them personally since I don't want to support that sort of business. There are many legal ethical sellers of lab prop seedlings and mature seedlings on the Net to support.




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