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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 05 November, 2006 um 09:42:27

Antwort auf: Winter Protection von Gerhard Stickroth am 04 November, 2006 um 09:15:25:

Hi Gerhard!

well that depends to a degree on the substrate you have planted your Cyps in. If you have a fairly well drained substrate, then protection is not as important as if you substrate is not as well drained. I also live in Bavaria, so I will just tell you what I protect:
montanum!!!!!! definitley!!! Actually my believe is that you should not plant this species outside here. I have it in a pot and overwinter it in a coolroom where I have absolut control over the water. this species even needs reduced water from summer on. It is extemley dificult to keep alive for more than a few years. I also would not plant any one of the big spotted leaved species and cordigerum outside for the same reason.

Species I do plant outside and that I protect are: tibeticum: especially the species from the high altitudes (the almost black "corrugatum types") these love the cold, but hate the water. Calcicolum, franchettii, yunnanense, henryi, flavum, shanxiense, farreri, I would treat the same way.

Then there are those that I protect from water, but also need extra protection in spring, when they tend to start growth early and then get frost damage: formosanum, segawai and plectrochilum. Californicum may not be harydy here (and segawai is probably also better of in a greenhouse or frost protected).

Species that seem to be able to take the winter without protection from water here are (in my experience... anyone with other opinions please state so!)
calceolus, macranthos, X ventricosum, guttatum, yatabeanum, reginae, kentuckiense (though I have only had that outside for 4 years, but they DID survive the last two extreme winters) and of course the garden-hybrids like Gisela, Dietrich, ...

Hope this helps... Feel free to contact me for more detailed information.

Best wishes



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