Re: Presumably damage done by the fertilizer

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 22 September, 2006 um 18:50:31

Antwort auf: Serious Problem with a Potted Pubescens von Paul Perakos am 21 September, 2006 um 01:29:02:

Hi Paul,

I also assume that a too high salt concentration caused by the fertilizer killed the plants. I don't know this fertilizer. However I can say a few general things.

Not all time release granular fertilizers are coated like for example Osmocote. Other types are just compacted to get the time release effect (slower dissolving of the salts) and they use slow nitrogen sources (e.g. urea instead of nitrate). These compacted types can therefore release a strong flood of salts at the beginning if enough watering has been done. Even coated types can release much salt at the beginning if they are not stored in a sealed plastic bag. The moisture in the air is sufficient to make them start (i.e. release salts through the membrane).

I hope this helps (for the future only, unfortunately)



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