Serious Problem with a Potted Pubescens

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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 21 September, 2006 um 01:29:02

I want someone to figure out what could kill the plant's new growth buds in less than 5 days. I planted two Cyp. pubescens in a pot last fall. It was a potting soil/turface/pine bark mix. The plants bloomed this past spring and thrived all year outside. They went dormant two weeks ago and I checked for buds. One plant had 5 buds and the other four, all large and perfectly green. I was planning to enter the plant in the Connecticut Orchid Show in March.

I sprinkled a handful of Schultz time release granular fertilizer. 5 days later the buds had all turned dark brown. I did notice the pots holes were clogged but they were not in standing water. 5 days later, despite repotting, all the buds were rotten off and roots were turning black.

I don't understand how a plant that was perfect less than 2 weeks ago is now rotten. Any ideas, please?




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