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Abgeschickt von Lori Peplinskie am 09 September, 2006 um 20:23:14

Antwort auf: Brown leaves von Lori Peplinskie am 26 Juni, 2006 um 23:18:27:

Hello again;

The kentuckiense and kentuckiense x fasciolatum seedlings eventually died back completly. However, I now notice green shoots starting in both platns. They were transplanted in a 50:50 mix of aquarium gravel and perlite. The problem is the timing. With it being September I can expect frosts in a few weeks. Do I move them inside and keep them under lights for a while? How long should I let them stay in the green? Do I move them to the fridge while they are still green or should I expect some indication that they are ready for vernalization.



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