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Abgeschickt von Ron Burch am 01 August, 2006 um 17:13:15

Antwort auf: Hybrid naming question von Ross Kouzes am 01 August, 2006 um 02:41:16:

Hi, Ross,

The hybrid register at the Royal Horticultural Society has determined that an artificial remake of a natural hybrid may be named by the person blooming the artificial hybrid. This action was taken after Cribb's book was published so he reflected the older rule. Indeed, one artificial remake of a natural hybrid in Cypripedium has been recognized for a while by RHS: the natural hybrid of Cyp pubescens x Cyp candidum is Cyp x favillianum. Whitlow's registration of the artificial hybrid is formally Cyp Favillianum but nowadays hybridizers may use a unique name, as in the more recent Lothar Pinkepank.

Ron Burch


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