Re: parviflorum vs makasin

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Abgeschickt von Ross Kouzes am 21 Juli, 2006 um 21:25:11

Antwort auf: Re: parviflorum vs makasin von Holger Perner am 21 Juli, 2006 um 19:15:51:

Thanks Holger! A good ecological explaination. In addition, a fellow forum member emailed me with a very detailed account from the newsletter "Botanical Notes", No 6 from 2001/08/08. This description agrees with your notes. It differentiated var parviflorum and var makasin morphologically in the following way:

var parviflorum: Uppermost sheathing bract conspicuously pubescent with white hairs; red-purple color of lateral petals comprised of numerous, densely spaced dots; plants of deciduous-leaved forests; floral scent rose-like or musty.

var makasin: Uppermost sheathing bract glabrous or inconspicuously pubescent; red-purple color of lateral petals provided by an even suffusion of pigment (except perhaps at the base); plants of high pH wetlands and shores; floral scent sweet.

So now, my only other question is what is the Southernmost range of var makasin? The article mentions that var parviflorum reaches it's northern limit in southern New England.



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