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Abgeschickt von Holger Perner am 21 Juli, 2006 um 19:15:51

Antwort auf: parviflorum vs makasin von Ross Kouzes am 21 Juli, 2006 um 01:02:03:

Hi all,

During my summer holidays in Germany I now have access to the forum again, in China the access is blocked since December 2005.

Unfortunately Phil Cribb didn't recognize the nomenclature of the North American yellow ladies slippers as it is in use in the Flora of North America. I regret that a lot because it contributes to the confusion about this group. Chuck Sheviak's treatment (Cypripedium parviflorum var. parviflorum, var. pubescens and var. makasin) is very accurate while Phil based his treatment more on the diffuse horticultural point of view.

Fact is that the type specimen of Cyp. parviflorum from Virginia is not one of those swamp dwellers from more northern areas we all used to call var. parviflorum (or just Cyp. parviflorum with the bigger yellow one called Cyp. pubescens). The type from Virginia comes from a very dry area and has a small flower with dark petals but is otherwise hardly to differentiate from a Cyp. pubescens with a small dark flower (I saw authentic living specimens in cultivation in North America). So these real (i.e. originial) parviflorums have nothing to do with the moisture-loving types from more northern areas where they grow in calcareous swamps. The next available name for these plants is Cyp. makasin, so Chuck Sheviak transferred them to Cyp. parviflorum as variety makasin.


Holger Perner


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