Cyp. calceolus x shanxiense?

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 26 Juni, 2006 um 17:31:24

Hello Everyone,

This is a plant I found at a fellow growers place. It is of Chinese origin and looks very much like a calceolus. But the shoe is much more red than I have ever seen in a calceolus (although there are a few redish types of calceolus around). Also the flower shape doesn’t look completely typical. I think this is probably a natural hybrid between calceolus and Cyp. shanxiense. I pollinated the flower and it looks as if a capsule is forming. It will be interesting to see if the resulting seed will have embryos. But given the fact that shanxiense and calceolus are quite closely related, seed propagation is probably possible.


Best wishes



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