More photos of Cyp. californicum

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Abgeschickt von Jim Fowler am 14 Juni, 2006 um 07:51:19

Antwort auf: Photos of extraordinary plants (17): Cyp. californicum von Ross Kouzes am 07 Juni, 2006 um 18:36:14:

On a Native Orchid Conference field trip to the Illinois Valley, Oregon, on 2006-06-09 we found several orchid species, among them Cyp. californicum in large groups. The group on the picture has 86 stems with almost 1000 flowers in the group!


This is a very large group, but larger groups were to be found in the area. Everywhere we looked on that mountain, there were many Cyp. californicum plants. Some had only one bloom and others had as many as eighteen flowers on a single stem! Quite a wonderful sight.


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