Re: Ordering Cypripediums from Web/Mail Order Sources

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Abgeschickt von Anthony Darby am 02 Juni, 2006 um 12:52:45

Antwort auf: Ordering Cypripediums from Web/Mail Order Sources von Joseph Gadbois am 02 Juni, 2006 um 02:45:02:

I cannot speak for the suppliers you mention, or North America in general, but I have had nearly 10 years experience in buying cyps and never lost one in the post. My sources are quite varied, but the one thing they had in common is that the plants were all bare root and packed in damp sphagnum moss in a poly bag. From UK suppliers they usually arrive withing 24 hours of dispatch. The last plant I received was a large Cyp reginae (Cites salvage plant) from a supplier in Austria (Ebay) which took nearly two weeks to arrive. The noses were in growth by the time they arrived, but the two largest (of three) are in bud. The only problems I have had are with plants bought potted at plant shows. These are often in a humous-rich compost which would bring about a slow but certain death in Dunblane (Perthshire, Scotland), where I live.


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