Cyp. wardii possibly found in Sichuan?

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Abgeschickt von Rüdiger Kohlmüller am 27 Mai, 2006 um 06:46:48

We had in this year again the opportunity to spend two weeks in Sichuan (a short report on this will follow) for the early flowering Cypripediums there. During this trip we visited a local orchid dealer. He showed us a photo which clearly showed Cyp. wardii as you can see in the following picture.

Additionally he had a pot with plants which he claimed to be Cyp. wardii. Unfortunately the plants where not flowering, only some shoots where visible. These plants were from the size nearly twice the size which I know from Cyp. wardii plants here in Germany. Here is a picture of it (maybe I get some better ones from my analog camera).

The plants in nature were according to that guy also not flowering and due to the fact that the site is nearly not reachable in the mountains we dont went there in this year. For some reasons I was reluctant in regarding those plants as Cyp. wardii. There is also some doubt that the picture of the flowering plants and the potted plants represent the same species and additionally Cyp. wardii is known from Yunnan while in this region Sichaun Cyp. guttatum is growing. But some friends who know C.wardii and C.guttatum during their growing phase more in detail were absolutely sure that the potted plants are C.wardii. So it seems that Cyp. wardii is close to discovery in its natural habitat.

Rüdiger Kohlmüller


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