Re: Cypripedium stem rotting (Turface used in mix)

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Abgeschickt von Bryan Balmer am 26 Mai, 2006 um 21:52:10

Antwort auf: Re: Cypripedium stem rotting (Turface used in mix) von Paul Perakos am 26 Mai, 2006 um 20:47:36:

Thanks for your quick reply Paul. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia - so we typically have very wet springs (similar to Seattle). In fact, it is raining as I write this, and it is supposed to continue for the remainder of the weekend.

I protect my cypripediums (all are potted) from the rain in the winter, but I moved the andrewsii into a more open site (part-sun) once the stem started growth. I assumed that my mixture was free-draining enough to prevent any rot problems. From reading of your experiences, I'm confident that it must have been the rain and cool temperatures and not a problem with moisture being retained within the Turface. My lesson from this will be to protect my plants from the spring rain next year! When I do water them, I will be sure to keep to the edges of the pots (to avoid wetting the stem area as much as possible). I will also take your advice to wash and replant my andrewsii. What concentration of hydrogen peroxide should I use? Do I need to take care to only treat the affected part of the stem, or will the hydrogen peroxide harm the other areas? Is it just a "dip" in the solution, or a "soak"? ...and finally, should I rinse the plant afterwards? I've never done this before, so I'm a little apprehensive!

Thanks so much,



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