Re: Cypripedium stem rotting (Turface used in mix)

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Abgeschickt von Paul Perakos am 26 Mai, 2006 um 20:47:36

Antwort auf: Cypripedium stem rotting (Turface used in mix) von Bryan Balmer am 26 Mai, 2006 um 19:57:43:

Hi Bryan,

This year I have lost 3 candidum stems and 5 andrewsii stems to rot. The stem just get crimped at the very bottom and the plant falls over and dies. I attribute it to the weather. We have had a very wet may with about 10 inches of rain and cold conditions. Perfect conditions for fungal and bacterial rot to set in. Of the plants I lost, only one had Turface around it. The others were left alone as they had grown for the past 3 years. I noticed all of the ones I lost were also close to other plants and a bit crowded. Curiously, my prize x andrewsii with 12 stems and 12 flowers was unaffected.

I would recommend you dig up the andrewsii, wash it thoroughly, treat the rotted stem with hydrogen peroxide and replant it in a nice sunny location in a mix of cactus potting soil, perlite, and Turface. Remember to add some crushed limestone as they like it very alkaline.

Of note, every pubescens that was planted in a Turface-like mix did not get rot.

Write back more about how it was growing and what your weather was like.



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