Cypripedium stem rotting (Turface used in mix)

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Abgeschickt von Bryan Balmer am 26 Mai, 2006 um 19:57:43

Hi! In February 2006 I purchased a very healthy single-bud Cypripedium x andrewsii, and planted it in approximately 40% Turface, 40% perlite, and the remainder consisted of regular potting mix and peat moss. The bud was buried approximatly 1 cm deep.

The plant flowered earlier this month, and I thought it was happy. However, shortly thereafter the stem rotted at ground level. I was wondering if this may have been due to the water-retentiveness of the Turface? Has anyone else experienced any problems with this? Did I have my plant buried too deep? Perhaps this was just an "unhappy year" for my plant, which will hopefully recover and form a bud for next year.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.



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