Re: Cyp. tibeticum, culture tips?

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Abgeschickt von Lukas Hunziker am 19 Mai, 2006 um 11:53:21

Antwort auf: Cyp. tibeticum, culture tips? von Kevin Stewart am 16 Mai, 2006 um 19:05:25:

Dear Kevin,

I have C. tibeticum in culture now for a few years. Mine do very well outside with a rain protection during the wet winter here in Switzerland. But I know also a person which cultivates this species, also flavum, without any protection against winter wetness.

To your question about the light, I planted them under a Kohlreuteria in light shade. It receives sun from approximatly 7-11 o'clock. This is the cool sun in the morning. And from 11 it does not receive any direct sunlight except some minutes before sunset. They do very well in this situation and I hope they will multiply soon. This species is an alpine plant from high altitude where it can grow in almost ful sunlight and has cool temperatures. Therefore it is difficulte to cultivate. But most books write about the culture that they should recive as much sunlight as they can. And all this with low temperatures of around 20°C. This paradax is not possible in lower altitudes. Therefore you should care more about the temperature and not about the light. Plant it where it gets the most light in a given cool area.

I hope this helps.

Best regards 



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