Re: Cyp. andrewsii disease

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Abgeschickt von Barry Tattersall am 11 Mai, 2006 um 22:53:37

Antwort auf: Cyp. andrewsii disease von Axel Bendomir am 11 Mai, 2006 um 07:47:43:

Hello Axel,

Regrettably I recognise the problem you have with your Cyp. andrewsii. It is definitely a virus, which is incurable.

Quite a few years ago I had similar symptoms with a plant of Cyp. parviflorum pubescens. At that time there was no testing available for virus, so the plant remained in my collection. During the next few years the problem became worse with necrotic streaks along the leaves and distortion of all parts of the plant. Even worse still, it spread to some of my other cyps. Eventually I managed to find someone to analyse my plant and Cypripedium Potyvirus was found - about 70% of my collection had to be destroyed!!

Unfortunately there is no cure, so to avoid the virus spreading to other plants you should destroy it.

Good luck



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