Re: Cypripedium reginae soil mix

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Abgeschickt von Anthony Darby am 24 April, 2006 um 20:49:58

Antwort auf: Re: Cypripedium reginae soil mix von Joseph Gadbois am 31 Maerz, 2006 um 06:30:37:

I would use a mix of Seramis (baked clay granules, like certain types of cat litter) and perlite to make 80%: more Seramis in drier continental climates, less in wetter maritime climates, but I usually use 40/40; 10% composted bark; 10% sterilized loam. I would avoid sphagnum moss, peat and composted material and any but the coarsest sand. The first three rot down and release nutrients too fast and sand draws water by capillary action and remains wet too long.

Living in central Scotland (Perthshire), we have an abundance of rain, and it is easier to add water in times of drought than take it away if it rains too much (i.e. situation normal). I have twenty cypripedium plants, most in garden situations, planted in the above compost, and although the roots will eventually spread into the surrounding soil (which has a lot of clay), the crowns remain well aerated and have a top dressing of 6mm gravel. I never use organic mulches. Those in pots have the same regime, and continue to increase. If I need to lower the pH I add a handful of crushed oyster shell.


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