Unregistred Hybrids

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Abgeschickt von Lukas Hunziker am 20 April, 2006 um 16:46:28

Dear Cypripedium enthusiasts,

I am wondering since severel years, that there are artificial and natural hybrids, which are not registred or have no name, although they are known!
How can this be?


Natural Hybrids:

calceolus x shanxiense
cordigerum x himalaicum
flavum x henryi
kentuckiense x pubescens
tibeticum x calcicolum

Artificial Hybrids:

acaule x pubescens
reginae x macranthos
reginae x fasciolatum
reginae x Tilman
Gisela x parviflorum

And I think there are much more of these hybrids, both natural and artificial

Thanks for your answers

Best regards Lukas


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