Re: Cypripedium reginae soil mix

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Abgeschickt von Joseph Gadbois am 31 Maerz, 2006 um 06:30:37

Antwort auf: Cypripedium reginae soil mix von Chris am 31 Maerz, 2006 um 05:20:31:

For Cyp reginae you should use a moisture-retentive mix that is still well-drained and that has a neutral to slightly alkaline pH. Again there are many variations on the soil mixture; I have used the following mix:

2 parts high-quality potting soil
1 part perlite
1 part long-fibered sphagnum moss
1 part compost
1/2 part coarse sand
1 tablespoon pelletized limestone per 1 gallon soil mix (test pH for 7-8)

I think that a loam mix with lots of sand and some limestone would work better but I haven't tried it yet. Just remember that reginae likes lots of moisture but will not tolerate wet/stagnant conditions and likes lots of nutrients.



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