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Abgeschickt von Joseph Gadbois am 31 Maerz, 2006 um 06:21:37

Antwort auf: Thank you...However von Chris am 31 Maerz, 2006 um 04:17:18:

Cyp parviflorum will really grow in anything that is well-drained and has some nutrient content; I suppose you could substitute the pine bark for simple garden compost but you would have to add tons of perlite or similar material to aerate it. The biggest problem people have with parviflorum/pubescens is poor drainage. I have used a simple high quality garden soil before with a little added perlite as well with success; really just experiment with a few mixtures and see what works best - that's what I did and as long as the mix is very well-drained and has some organic amendmends your plant won't die (provided also that you keep it moist and plant in a dappled ahady location). I think you'll find that parviflorum is very easy to grow and quite adaptable.


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