Mycorrhiza: questions

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Abgeschickt von Luke Kiger am 06 August, 2000 um 18:32:44

I am new here and I feel rather intimidated by the technical expertise displayed on this forum. After spending several days looking over the information contained here I have a few questions. It really does not matter who answers. #1 Is the mycorrizae that must be present to facilitate germanation remain active in the plants root system after germination? #2 If so does it remain an active part of the plants food synthesis process? I do know that in some species of terrestrial orchids that this is a fact and if the mycorrizae is disturbed the host plant will often die. In the species Goodyera for example it is present through out the live cycle of the plant but the plant does not seem to be to bothered with out it. If you can point me in the direction of any research along these lines I would be most thankful. Luther Kiger [Luke]