growing Cyps in central Mississippi (US)

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Abgeschickt von Chad Dickerson am 27 Maerz, 2006 um 03:43:19

I live in the central part of the state of Mississippi. I am assuming that I live in USDA gardening zone 8a. At the moment I have 3 species of Cypripedium (2 of which have bloomed and formed additional growth buds): kentuckiense, parviflorum, and pubescens. I am hoping that there are some other Cypripedium species that would fare well where I live.

The area in which I live, has hot and humid summers, temperature sometimes going up to 90 degrees F. During the winters in my area, the temperature sometimes drops below freezing, but it is quite rare to see snow. 

Does anyone know if there are some other cypripedium species that have been found to grow in these conditions?


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