RE: Cyp. acaule pot culture

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Abgeschickt von Luke Kiger am 05 August, 2000 um 20:22:24

I started expeimenting with pot culture of several other North American orchid species and came across this quite by accident. My soil mix is pretty standard and has been discussed in detail by others on this forum. But I have been useing a water source that has not been discussed. As of this posting I have not had it analized. However it is from a small remote stream in the U.P. of Michigan. I do know that it is very high in tannic acid and organic matter. I have been useing it for several years with very favorable results. I was curious if anyone else had tried this approach and what their results have shown. The plants have responded with increased vigor and have not shown signs of distress in the past seven years that I have been growing them. Since prior to this spring I did not have access to the world of the internet so I never realized that I may be on to something. I am very much open to any suggestions that could be offered. Thank you for your time. Luther W. Kiger "Luke"