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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 17 Februar, 2006 um 09:44:01

Antwort auf: Re: raising macranthos and flavum seedlings von Bonaventure Magrys am 15 Februar, 2006 um 16:55:21:

Hi Everyone!

in my experience there are indeed two optimal periods of time where repotting is working well. First is (as expected) during dormancy. That for me means between october and early march (but anyway BEFORE new growth starts so for e.g. formosanum or fasciolatum that may be earlier). Second is right after flowering right at the timepoint you two mentioned: when root growth starts, before the roots are so long that they will break. This way the new roots can adapt to the new growth medium. In my experience Cyps can take repotting at other times (and I DO move a Cyp when I see something is going wrong and if there is a (fungal?) infection, but I advise against that unless there is something seriously wrong! Most Cyps seem to be able to take a yearly repotting but most of the time (and especially with inorganic media) it is not necessary. I do not have too many hybrids but those I have seem to even like yearly repotting, most of the others I rather repott less often and with the spotted types (especially the big spotted types!!!) I think they rellay like to settle down and want to be disturbed as little as possible.
Just my opinion! Any other comments are appreciated!

Best wishes



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