Re: raising macranthos and flavum seedlings

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Abgeschickt von Bonaventure Magrys am 15 Februar, 2006 um 16:55:21

Antwort auf: Re: raising macranthos and flavum seedlings von Thomas Velardi am 15 Februar, 2006 um 05:02:29:

Judging from the media and culture of other orchids, both terrestrials and tropical epiphytes, problems occur with the media as it breaks down. Perhaps this may be relevant to Cypripediums and their conditions at the roots and crown, it certainly is for their relatives Paphiopedilum and, to a lesser extent, Phragmipedium. Air spaces and drainage diminish, and the overall organic content rises and "sours" as it decomposes.

While Paphs seem to relish repotting in fresh medium and often go into a burst of new root and foliage growth even when potted out of season, eg. while blooming, resting, or when growth and new roots are well under way, I wonder how would Cyps take this treatment?

According to the traditional rules for the majority of orchids, that is the subtropical epiphytes and terrestrials such as Cymbidium, the optimal time to clean off the old medium and cut off dead roots and repot is when root growth is starting and the new roots have pushed out 1-2 cm, but not longer so as to avoid breaking any of them. I'm not sure Cyps would "appreciate" this, and what would be the best time to do this - while entering dormancy or while dormant, or when new root growth commences (which may not be when shoot growth commences but after flowering, that may be a subject for another discussion. Handling while in dormancy may actually cause problems, as in Arisaema tubers which may easily rot when replanted when dormant, while a growing plant can be dug up, even in bloom with disturbance of the new roots, and be replanted or potted up with no apparent ill effects. Would anyone share their experiences of replanting/resiting Cyps in the summer or early autumn?

Bonaventure Magrys
Cliffwood Beach, NJ


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