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Abgeschickt von Luke Kiger am 05 August, 2000 um 02:14:15

Antwort auf: Cyp. acaule von Glen Ladnier am 27 April, 2000 um 05:05:24:

I use for a potting medium a mixture of course builders sand and Michigan peat,"Muck" with a small amount of partialy decomposed chips. But the water that I use is rather unique. It is from the upper peninsula of Mi. collected from a small isolated stream. I never had it analized to see what was in it precisly. I do however know that it is quite high in tannic acid and organic material created from the run off of the surrounding cedar and tamarack. The plants and seedlings seem to respond quite well to this. I am sorry I don't have pictures. But I think they would not add much credibility any how. The plants are placed in a cold frame for the winter months. I use a quarter strength 30-10-10 in the early spring as the plants are breaking dormancy.: Would anyone like to share their potting mix recipe for this species (Cyp. acaule). I understand that this is not one of the easiest types to grow in pot culture, so I would like at least a fighting chance. I would also like to obtain any general tips for Cypripedium care, since I have just embarked on this journey. I have received lab-grown seedlings of Cyp. candidum, Cyp. parviflorum var. pubescens, and Cyp. reginae, and all are sprouting up nicely. I am enjoying this forum, and hope to see it grow along with the interest in Cypripedium culture.