raising macranthos and flavum seedlings

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Abgeschickt von Stephen Vella am 13 Februar, 2006 um 01:29:02

Just wanted to share the good news of growing seedlings raised from a mix with an organic component, here in the southern hemiphere, Blue Mountains, Australia and yes it's still summer here.

As there seems to be great debate on not to add organics, Cyp. macranthos and flavum were raised in both a sand/perlite mix in equal parts and a mix with an organic component (sand/perlite in equal parts) (bark/vermiculite/coco fibre/(clinker-which limes the mix) made 10% of the mix)

Seedlings in the organic component did very well 99% success with marcranthos and 95% success with flavum. These seedlings had 2 or more buds and fantastic roots. The macranthose leaves are 5cm tall now...very vigorous more so than kentuckiensis in this mix. And some seedlings of flavum in sand and perlite, 100% success and these were ones that were small and damaged when delivered, some only had one root... I was surprised at how vigorous this species is. They came up like corn! Leaves 3cm long

I therefore found that these 2 species are not really fussy about their mix.


Stephen Vella


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