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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 29 Juli, 2000 um 07:43:18

Antwort auf: C. bardolphianum leaf die-back von Alex Jeans am 27 Juli, 2000 um 22:06:45:

Dear Alex,

It is really hard to tell from the distance which the cause is for your problems. The plants have stress somehow, it must not necessarily be a pathogen. It is very common that new plants have a lot of problems during their first year in the pot, therefore cultivating seedlings fresh from the flask often is more sucessful than buying adult plants. As long as the rhizome stays healthy and new roots appear the plant should survive. But it will fall back to the stage of a seedling. That's the big problem with most plants that are not artificially propagated.

Sorry for being not of more help