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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 25 November, 2005 um 12:25:22

Antwort auf: Re: Cyp. flavum alba von Uta von Rad am 25 November, 2005 um 11:01:04:

Hi again;

I have just come back from lunch with my collegues. We discussed the problem of "alba" names in plants and I told them of our threads. I have to say: we were 10 people (all with a PhD in plant biology) and there were 5 different opinions. Yes there were 4 of us who were convinced, that the definition is as I stated in my last posting. But the only reason for that is that we all studied under the same professor... In short the result of our discussion was: there is probably no real academically accepted rule. People use the name alba for ages but everybody sees it different. so what should probably be done is just describe the plant. call it a white flavum with red dots or call it a very creamy yellow flavum. But the use of the name alba seems to be just misleading...

I am sure that doesn't help you all... A good weekend to all anyway...



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