Re: Cyp. flavum alba

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Abgeschickt von Lukas Hunziker am 24 November, 2005 um 22:32:21

Antwort auf: Re: Cyp. flavum alba von Uta von Rad am 17 November, 2005 um 17:48:30:

Hi everybody,

First I want to say that I haven't seen a albino type of Cypripedium flavum. Uta you told, that there could be red spots. From they biological point of view is this not correct. Because an albino type of any plant has no colouration at all. So there are no red spots. The only colourations which can be seen are pure white, creamy yellow and greeny yellow. So there are yellow albino plants too. One of them is the Cypripedium tibeticum albino type (Photo earlier in the forum). Therefore, an alba type of any plant can only be named as a such, if the plant is pure white. If there is any yellow in the flower, it should be called an albino type. Finally, if there are any other colours visible, then it isn't an albino plant at all, it is just a light coloured type. This is always been mixed up. Therefore most of the alba named plants, are albino types and not true alba plants. The reason for this colouration is that the colour pigments are missing. The last thing which I want to say is that not all white flowering plants are albino types.

Best regards



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