C. bardolphianum leaf die-back

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Abgeschickt von Alex Jeans am 17 Juli, 2000 um 19:06:34

Dear Cypripedium growers,

I wonder if anyone has any experience with this problem. I obtained three plants of C. bardolphianum last year, and planted them in mix of Seramis:loam-based compost 4:1. They all came up in early April, and one flowered handsomely; all looked healthy. Three weeks ago, the leaves on all started to die back progressively from the tips until, now, most of them have died down completely. The collar of the plant never seemed to be affected, and was healthy until after the leaves had gone. A scrape around in the pot reveals a rhizome with evidence of some new roots, though I have no idea what most of the mature roots look like. It is just as if they've died down for the end of the season, but months early. Some of my other plants show a bit of leaf tip die-back, but it's fairly modest and not apparently progressive.

Does anybody have any idea what could be going on? Is root pathology most likely, or is this well known with plants in their first season in a new environment?

Thanking you for any help you can offer,