Re: Which is best Mature or Green Seed?

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Abgeschickt von Ron Burch am 01 November, 2005 um 00:04:47

Antwort auf: Which is best Mature or Green Seed? von Dave Shaw am 30 Oktober, 2005 um 22:31:17:

This is a difficult question for the reasons that Uta has mentioned. With other genera of orchids it is "often" but certain not always found that green pods work somewhat better - given that such distant relationships may result in less than completely happy offspring, "embryo rescue" is sometimes the only way to obtain viable offspring. There are several intergeneric hybrids among orchids in which the rescued offspring do very well, but which no one has been able to obtain if going to mature seed. I have tried some hybridization and have found in general that if green pods are used then some protocorms are obtained - and sometimes seedlings from them whereas the same cross, using different flowers from the same parents, allowed to go to apparent maturity - at least looking at the pod - yield dried material that is not seed but looks like necrotic placenta and embryos.

Uta, are there published photos or other materials about the intergeneric hybrids you have seen? It would be fascinating to see them!

Ron Burch


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