Re: Which is best Mature or Green Seed?

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 31 Oktober, 2005 um 20:08:40

Antwort auf: Which is best Mature or Green Seed? von Dave Shaw am 30 Oktober, 2005 um 22:31:17:

Hi Dave;

let me start with the information that I have not tried a intergenerig hybrid myself. But I have done quite a bit of Cyp sowing so maybe I can help you a bit. 

First to your question "is green seed better or ripe seed"? Well there is no real answer to that. Some people prefer green seed, some ripe seed. I do both and both works. The problem for green seed is that you have to know the best harvest time for each species. It won't help you if I tell you mine: they differ quite a bit even within one country and even within one garden depending whether the plant grows in the shade or in the sun... If you have never done it before I would suggest ripe seed. If you are lucky and get enough seed you can sow a part of it first and later use the rest for a second try. With green seed it is everything at once. If you did it wrong that's it for this year. But there are species that are notoriously hard to sow ripe (montanum beeing the most difficult) so the pod parent plays an important role here.

As for using Cyp. 'Axel' as pod parent: I would advise against that: 'Axel' is already a hybrid and these often take pollen not very well (it can work, but you don't know in advance!). Now you want to to use pollen from another genus, so the chances are high that a lot of the produced seed won't have embryos anyway. I would advise to use a pod parent that is a pure species.

There are a few intergeneric hybrids around. I have seen hybrids between Cyp. henryi and a Paphi (I forgot which) and Cyp. calceolus and another Paphi. So it does work but the plants are slow to flower and are probably not the most "happy" of plants. I myself think that crossing different Cyps together makes more sense if you want to create a garden-worthy hybrid. But try it and see how the plants turn out. It may be stunning and prove me an old nag ;-))

Good luck!



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