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Abgeschickt von Bonaventure Magrys am 25 Oktober, 2005 um 03:01:22

Antwort auf: Apomixis?! von Camiel F. de Jong am 17 Oktober, 2005 um 08:29:23:

Apomixis has been known to happen in Zygopetalum when crossed with distantly related genera, eg. Cymbidium or Phaius. Another problem with the supposed Cypripedium hybrids resembling the mother plant may be that a superior form used as the pod parent may be a tetraploid, and the pollen donor a normal diploid plant. The offspring would most likely be triploid - 2 sets of chromosomes from the tetraploid parent, thus dominant, and 1 set from the diploid parent.

Camiel, I solve the problem of unwanted cross- pollination in orchid flowers in a rather straightforward manner. Select a flower not completely open, or just starting to unfurl. Cut off the labellum. This also makes it easier to reach the stigma for human hands. Last but not least, emasculate (remove the pollinia) of the flower carefully so that there is no chance of it deteriorating and falling or sliding on to the stigma or an insect coming by regardless of the loss of the pouch and selfing the flower. You may also want to tie an empty teabag around the mutilated bloom for further protection or even if what looks like a deformed bloom offends you.

Always put a label near or around the base of the plant with a record of pollen donor and date cross was attempted.

Good luck all



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