Info about spotted-leafed Cyps

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Abgeschickt von Michael Weinert am 09 Juli, 2000 um 12:52:26

Antwort auf: Re: Photos of extraordinary plants (6): C.lichiangense von Paul P. Perakos am 03 Juli, 2000 um 19:33:07:

C.lichiangense, fargesii and wumengense belong to a group of Chinese Cyps with spotted leaves. They do not form a stem and produce only two leaves (each as big as a man's hand) which nearly lie on the ground. They are adapted to habitats with a good drainage, especially in the upper layer, and good air movement which dries the leaves quickly after rain falls. In nature these plants have a lot of rain fall during their growing phase (but keep in mind the drainage and the wind!) and quite dry conditions during their dormancy.

The flower sits on a short stem and seems to attract flies for pollination. After pollination the stem elongates to spread the seed in the wind.

In culture these plants are very sensitive to rot and should be planted in a very well aerated substrate (especially above the rhizome). They need more shading than other Cyps. I know from some plants which survived frost planted out in the garden, but this is very risky and at least requires protection against rain during autumn, winter and early spring (they start growing very late).

These plants are for advanced growers only. I only know from a few sucessfull sowings of these species. Therefore trade puts a high pressure on the wild populations.