Cyp. farreri in its natural habitat

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Abgeschickt von Lukas Hunziker am 20 Oktober, 2005 um 10:05:36

Dear Cypripedium friends,

I would like to share these pictures which I found on a surfing tour on the Chinese website

The first pictures shows the natural habitat of the rare Cypripedium farreri which grows acording to P.J. Cribb “on cool grassy gully sides in deep limestone gorges under shade or cliffs in S. Gansu and NW Sichuan (2600 - 2850 m)”

The second picture shows the bright yellow coloration of this ladyslipper. It is not the best picture, but the coloration is amazing. Unfortunately it is really rare seen true in collections. In my opinion it is the most beautiful of all Cypripediums.

Finally I want to ask if there is anybody else who could share a picture of the natural habitat or a close up photo of this extraordinary Cypripedium.

Best regards



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