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Abgeschickt von Camiel F. de Jong am 17 Oktober, 2005 um 08:29:23:

Antwort auf: Apomixis in reginae von Jens Nielsen am 27 September, 2005 um 19:28:43:

Dear All,

I'm surprised to hear about apomixis in Cypripedium. In fact, I never heard of it in relation to orchids. Apomixis will yield a clone of the motherplant. Although well known to occur in Citrus species it is a uncommon phenomenon. Is there any scientific proof of apomixis in Cyps or is it just a guess? I still think bumble bees outcompeting human pollinators are to blame. When several reginae's are flowering I have on multiple occassions seen bumble bees getting trapped in the flower and really messing around in it before they got out. Most of the time I'm not out there to watch the flowers but the bumble bees are. I think this is a more simple explanation for pollination failure than apomixis but then again, I may be wrong.




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