Re: Vermiculite as part of the substrate?

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Abgeschickt von Joakim Balogh am 11 Oktober, 2005 um 18:09:37

Antwort auf: Re: Vermiculite as part of the substrate? von Uta von Rad am 11 Oktober, 2005 um 17:04:42:

Thank You Uta :)

It was exactly the answer I was looking for. :)

My soil is a sandy and poor soil so I was thinking in using soil from this bags one can buy in garden centers to have some control over the soil. And if they become to heavy add coarse sand and maybe some extra leca. But also to have a layer of leca balls in the bottom of the hole to get better dranage. Maybe my version gets closer to the more elaborate versions but with easily accessible ingredients. This might help against the disadvantage with the "Malmgren method" that is that it might need covering in winter as is the case for how Svante has his. He covers his with a roof tile or similar not to get any winter rain causing rot.

I will try to take pictures of all the steps of building my Cyp place. I will be carefull in using vermiculite and only use it with sandy soil in small amount.

Once again big thanks and a bow from me



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