Re: Vermiculite as part of the substrate?

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 11 Oktober, 2005 um 17:04:42

Antwort auf: Vermiculite as part of the substrate? von Joakim Balogh am 07 Oktober, 2005 um 10:22:32:

Hi Joakim,

About the simple medium with normal garden soil: I haven't used it. The problem is that information from others will not help you in this case. "Normal garden soil" can be completely different depending on where you live or who lived there before you. If for example the person living there before you used heavy fertilization you wouldn't even know it and the soil would be completely unsuitable... A friend of mine lives in an area where Cypripediums grow naturally just in his garden. I am sure he can recommend his soil to grow Cyps... So you will have to look at your own soil and see if it is suitable for a Cyp substrate. Mine is a heavy loamy soil. I do not use it as an ingredient for my Cyp substrate. But I can't tell you if yours is better suited...

About vermiculite: I don't like to use it. In contrast to perlite, lava, pumice or seramis it retains water extremely well and it tends to compact a bit. I think you probably can use it as an ingredient, but not in high amounts. It isn't well draining enough. Certainly not to substitute perlite. Better use one of the others I have mentioned above (lava, pumice, seramis...)




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