Re: Cyp. reginae x fargesii / lichiangense?

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 02 Oktober, 2005 um 09:53:30

Antwort auf: Cyp. reginae x fargesii / lichiangense? von Lukas Hunziker am 28 September, 2005 um 19:29:23:

Hi Lukas;

I do not have any picture of 'Princess' or 'Fantasy'. The reason is that they haven't flowered for me! Yes, they increase well for me. Each year they are bigger and I can't see any problem with the plant in that way. But they do not flower for me. This may well be my problem and I would be happy if someone else could tell me how they cultivate them and how they produce flowers. But so far I haven't been lucky. Other hybrids and species do better for me. My impression (and again: please anyone with sucess with these hybrids correct me!) is that the parents may be too different in habitus. My plants seem to have difficulties to decide weather they should be tall and standing up (like reginae) or short and lying on the ground (like lichinagense or fargesii). As a result they are often long and falling down. I still like them as the leaves look nice with the tiny spots, but they haven't produced flowers yet. I keep tying them upwards, so they do not break. Like you I am looking for people with more luck, but so far I haven't been sucessfull. Sorry that I can't be of more help!



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