Re: Apomixis in reginae

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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 28 September, 2005 um 14:00:33

Antwort auf: Apomixis in reginae von Jens Nielsen am 27 September, 2005 um 19:28:43:

Hi Jens;

As far as I know most of the known hybrids have reginae as a mother. But there aren't more hybrids with reginae registered as several crosses (reginae x tibeticum, reginae x macranthum, reginae x kentuckiense) looked exactly like reginae, so nobody was completley sure if it really was the hybrid or if a bee was faster than the pollinating human. I haven't grown 'Ulla Silkens' from seed, but I think it has always fallen true (others may know for sure). I do have several seedlings of reginae x lichiangense and reginae x fargesii and you can indeed see in their first year that they are not pure reginae. But 'Princess' is not a happy plant and doesn't flower easily (at least for me). I guess the reason might be that the parents are genetically very different.




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