Apomixis in reginae

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Abgeschickt von Jens Nielsen am 27 September, 2005 um 19:28:43

Dear all,

I have few questiontion regarding the offspring of reginae and I hope that some people on here have practical experience with reginae crosses to give me some advice.

I can see why hybridizer would use reginae; it's easy to germinate and grow on and long lived in the garden. But Svante Malmgren states that when using reginae as a mother in hybridizing, there is a high risk of the seedlings turning out reginae. Apomixis is know in other plants like Sorbus, that's seed will turn out true to mother species even if pollen from another species was use in the pollination.

So what I was wondering about is, I planned to get some seedlings. I found it easier to find seedlings of reginae x flavum offered for sale then flavum x reginae. Have anybody grown this cross to flowering with reginae as the mother and did it turn out as 'Ulla Silkens'? There also seem to be several offerings of reginae x lichiangense, I would expect the lichiangense to show from an early age, is anybody growing these seedlings? The cross is 'Princess' and should be quite a thing, but the only photo I have seen of a 'Princess' flower is on Frosch's web site.

I have also seen the photos on Crustacare web site and the reginae crosses look like hybrids to me, though the reginae seem a strong influence in the flower. But it can't be completly apomixis.

I suppose my question really is; is the risk of buying seedlings of crosses with reginae as the mother, that years later I could end up with a whole lot of reginae and not much else ?

Cheers, Jens


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