how to store mature seeds

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Abgeschickt von Zhang Yu am 08 September, 2005 um 17:52:27

Hello everyone,

This year hopefully I will get some mature orchid seeds and I hope I can store them a much longer time than green pods. Please be kind to show me some detail on how to store orchid mature seeds correctly, if there someone knows it. Thank you very much in advance.

There are some questions: how to dry and store the seeds? I hope it could be stored at least a few years. After I harvest those seeds, what should I do? Should I put some colour changeable silica gel in an utensil and then put bagged seeds in or not? How much silica gel should I use ? How long time I should leave the seeds to be dry enough? Or I only need keep them somewhere indoor for some days? After dry, which temperature should I store those seeds for a longer time? What about the humidity? Which kind of equipment I need? I have a refrigeratory (family style), is it ok or do I need a special one to store the seeds? Should I put these seeds in a small glass bottle, which kind of stopper should I use? Or a envelop made of brown paper is better?

Zhang Yu


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