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Abgeschickt von Uta von Rad am 23 August, 2005 um 10:45:34

Antwort auf: how long to raise... von Bernd Sommer am 22 August, 2005 um 18:42:29:

Hi Bernd,

It does not depend so much on the species, but more on the care you give: if you reflask often and put only a few seedlings in your flasks they will grow quicker. If you reflask only once and with many seedlings per flask then they will grow slower. I would deflask a seedling when it has at least two roots that are at least 5 cm long and a clearly visible shoot. I would also take care to deflask only in late autumn/winter and then put the seedlings in cooling. It doesn't help to deflask a seedling in May: if you then cool it for 3 months it will be August when it is time to plant it out, so the growth-cycle would be completely upside down. I deflask between November and February. If you take good care of your seedlings then it is possible to sow a green capsule in early August and deflask in January (that would make 5 months) but I have had seedlings on medium for up to 24 months...

Best wishes



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